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Learn more about each venue within The Majestic Theatre Center:

The Majestic Theatre

Garden Bowl

The Majestic Café

The Alley Deck

Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizzaria & Deli


The Majestic Center is located at 4140 Woodward Avenue in Midtown Detroit.

The Magic Stick

The Magic Stick got its start in the early 90's when the Majestic's owners removed eight bowling lanes from the second floor alley, replacing them with ten pool tables and a dance floor. The concept quickly caught on as the basement motif provided an ideal backdrop for the burgeoning garage, alt rock and electronic scenes in Detroit. Later, the remaining four upstairs lanes were removed and the dance floor was expanded to complete the construction of what would become one of city's legendary rock rooms.

VIP (Dance events only): Nickstone.ix@gmail.com

Capacity: 500 - 750 standing
10 - Stacks of Nexo Alpha 5 - M3 Hi Packs and  5 - B1-15 Lows on top of 5 - S2 Subs per side. (Crown
10 - Thunder 12 X 2" monitor wedges
10 - Mixes of Crown 24 X 6 Monitor power
2 - Nexo Eline EM Tops on top of  4 -Nexo B1-18 (Crown Power)
1 - Yamaha M7CL Console