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Soul Skate 2016 - DJ Dez / Collective Peace / Special Guests

Soul Skate presents the Mahogani Music Soul Sunday Concert
@ Populux (Formerly The Magic Stick)
3:00pm - 7:00pm

*$5 admission w/Saturday Night Soul Skate Ticket Stub
*$10 without Ticket Stub


The Foreign Exchange - Tales From The Land Of Milk & Honey Tour

Representative of how the Internet can aid in creating music, the Foreign Exchange started when Little Brother rapper Phonte heard a beat on Okayplayer.com by Dutch producer Nicolay and asked if he could lay some vocals over it. Nicolay agreed, and the song "Light It Up" appeared shortly thereafter as the B-side to Little Brother's 2002 single "Whatever You Say." Relying mainly on instant messaging and email, the duo continued to work together, with Nicolay sending beats to Phonte, who would add vocals and send them back until they had enough tracks together to form an album. Not once during the entire process of making their debut, Connected, which came out in 2004, did the members of the Foreign Exchange speak over the phone or in person.

$25 Advance / $28 Day of | All Ages


AEG Live Presents: Courtney Barnett / TSP - SOLD OUT

Mixing witty, often hilarious, occasionally even heartbreaking observations with devastating self-assessment, Courtney Barnett’s debut album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, cements her standing as one of the most distinctive and compelling voices in indie rock. These songs reveal not only an assured songwriter and guitar player, but also an artist who in just a few years has already proved highly influential. With: Tsp

$22.50 Advance / $25 Day of | All Ages


AEG Live Presents: Miike Snow with Muna

Miike Snow is kinda like this playground,” says long-haired American singer-songwriter Andrew Wyatt. “I don’t think Miike Snow functions inside of a genre. A few people wanted us to be more properly in the dance world, but I don’t think this record is. Even our ‘dance’ songs aren’t really clubby…” So how do they define the follow-up to 2009’s 200,000-selling self-titled debut?  “Fun-da-mental,” suggests Wyatt with an arched eyebrow. “ ‘Cause it’s da mental.” (Not pictured: hip hop hand gesture.) Breaking from a secret session designing the new live show, band member, producer and keys player Pontus Winnberg commented... “It’s like much of our stuff – we don’t really wanna tell people what the titles are about, or the lyrics, or what our thoughts are about. We’d prefer them to put them in their head and their lives and make their own interpretation. It’s nice to keep a little bit of mystery.” WSG: Muna

$27.50 Advance / $35 Day of | All Ages


Taxon Clade / The Landmarks / Red Stone Souls / The Native Howl 

Taxon Clade resides in the heart of Midtown Detroit as a dancey-coustic soul pop trio. Playing shows from official venues to festivals or house parties - there to keep the party moving. The sound is influenced by your favorite aspects of My Morning Jacket, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Motown music. Bring your dancing shoes, if you plan to prepare appropriately.
WSG: The Landmarks / Red Stone Souls / The Native Howl

$7 Cover | All Ages


Black Iris Presents: Subhumans w/ PEARS, Break Anchor & Amado Movado

Subhumans were formed in 1980, following the disbandment of the local punk band The Stupid Humans. Guitarist Bruce and drummer Andy were accompanied by original bassist Grant, previously from the band Audio Torture. The band were initially known as Superhumans, but changed their name to Subhumans shortly after the arrival of vocalist Dick - previously of The Mental. By the end of 1980, drummer Andy had left and was replaced by Trotsky, who has drummed for the band to this day. WSG: PEARS | Break Anchor | Amado Movado

$15 Cover | All Ages


Midtown Getdown - Detroit. Music. Art. Food.

Midtown Getdown is a monthly summertime party-market featuring cutting edge Detroit electronic music, art, and food. Craft vendors, artists, and pop up shops showcasing Metro Detroit’s wide range of talents will be on display in the backyard of one of Detroit’s legendary venues, the Majestic Theatre.

An outdoor biergarten, craft cocktail tent, and a selection of Midtown Detroit eateries & food trucks will provide a wide range of delicious summertime fare.

This free event is open to all, and will kick off with a special edition of Deep House Yoga, a unique yoga experience set to the beat of house music.

The first edition on Saturday, June 11 features music from some of Metro Detroit’s hottest electronic acts include:Dantiez (son of techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson and Singer/Songwriter Ann Saunderson), internationally known techno artist Justin James (protégé & label mate of Richie Hawtin), along with AdamWesting, ADMN, and Twin Cousin.


Majestic Theatre Parking Lot (behind the theatre - 4120 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201).




Black Iris Presents: Sales w/ Touch The Clouds

SALES is the collaboration between Orlando, FL mega buddies Lauren Morgan (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Shih (guitar/programming). Their sound has been described as indie rock or pop, depending on who you are talking to. They self-released their eponymous debut EP on September 22, 2014, and their singles ("chinese new year", "getting it on", "renee", "vow") have gained the attention of The Guardian, Stereogum, Bandcamp Weekly, Hype Machine + BBC 6, CMJ, and Gorilla vs. Bear, amongst others. The duo spent 2015 touring the US, Europe, and Canada. They are self-releasing their debut full length album, also self-titled, on April 20, 2016. Artwork for all of their releases is done by collage artist and designer Alana Questell. WSG: Touch the Clouds

$10 Advance / $12 Day of | All Ages


The Crofoot & The Majestic Present: Tiger Army / The Bellfuries / The Pine Hill Haints

After almost a decade of worldwide touring, Tiger Army went into semi-dormancy after completing the tour cycle for “Music From Regions Beyond” (produced by the late, great Jerrry Finn); emerging periodically to play the annual Octoberflame festival and select other shows while bandleader Nick 13 released and toured on a self-titled Americana solo album.  Repspect & love to those who wear Tiger Army lyrics and images on their skin, and all those who continue to support the music. If you are with us, you are one of us. It’s a way of life! WSG: The Bell Furries | Pine Hill Haints

$20 Advance / $25 Day of | All Ages


AEG Live Presents: The Dolan Twins 4OU Tour


Tickets: $30 | All Ages Welcome


Black Iris Presents: In The Whale / Shawn James & The Shapeshifters

In the Whale is a high energy, two piece rock band hailing from Denver, CO.   Members Nate Valdez (vocals and guitar) and Eric Riley (drums and backing vocals)   have been making no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall rock songs since they formed the   band in 2011.  Since then, the two have stayed busy exploring the seedier sides of Denver that   inspires their music. In 2012 they released their first EP, ‘Cake’, and followed   it up with the EP, ‘Eric’, in the late fall of 2013. In between those two releases   they played with a stupid number of artists you’d happily phone home about. In   addition to sharing stages with bands like Murder By Death, Local H, Reverend   Horton Heat and Electric Six in their hometown, the band has hit the road and   played alongside The Airborne Toxic Event, Agent Orange, Jane's Addiction and   Slash. In the Whale released their third EP titled ‘Nate’ in April 2014 and will   continue relentlessly touring until they have conquered everything. WSG: Shawn James & The Shapeshifters

$8 Advance / $10 Day of | All Ages


Black Iris Presents: For The Love Of Punk Rock 5th Anniversary Party wsg: Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band & Gallows Bound

The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band has always been strong on authenticity, playing music that blends blues, ragtime, folk, country and other traditional styles with the sleek modern energy of do-it-yourself, homespun, punk fueled rock. And performing tunes plucked from their lives, their community or from the canonical songbook that fed the Rev. Peyton’s formative creative identity. It’s a mix that’s allowed the band to win fans from all corners of the Americana and rock worlds, and bring a new generation to blues and other forms of American roots music. WSG: Gallows Bound

$20 Advance / $22 Day of | All Ages


Destroy This Place / Tammi / The Counter Elites

Destroy This Place wsg: Tammi & The Counter Elites

$5 Advance / $7 Day of | All Ages


Clear Soul Forces / Curta / Nolan The Ninja / The New Blvck

Clear Soul Forces | Curta | Nolan The Ninja | The New Blvck

$10 Advance / $12 Day of | All Ages


Needle Drop:12 Bands, Punk Rock Bowling, Vinyl Release

Urban Geographer is celebrating its second volume of the Michigan Artist Vinyl Compilation with a massive 12-band, 2-stage art and audio festival at The Majestic Complex in Detroit.

Live performances from:
Dalinian, Prima Vera, A Year in New York, Dogleg, American Arson, The Radiotypes, Stay Away, Midnight, Sleepology, Charmer, Carved Out and Brother O' Brother.

With entertainment like Punk Rock Bowling and Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizzeria! Come celebrate an amazing community of musicians and creatives with the release of the Michigan Artist Vinyl Compilation vol. 2!

10% of everything Urban Geographer makes goes to the Flint Chid Health & Development Fund.


The Stargazer Lilies / Rogue Satellites / Rayning

The Star Gazer Lilies - Field and Cep channel the reverb-washed slo-mo assault of Slowdive and the sparkling ambiance of Air into a lush, guitar-swollen whole. WSG: Rogue Satellites & Rayning

$8 Cover | All Ages


Detroit Dinner Date feat: Phillip-Michael Scales, Audra Kubat, Michelle Held & Emily Rose

Enjoy an intimate evening of well curated Songwriters, Handcrafted Cocktails and some of the best food in Detroit . Bring a friend, take a date, or treat yourself.

$5 Advance / $7 Day of | All Ages



Black Iris Presents: Wayne "The Train" Hancock & Dale Watson

Since his stunning debut, Thunderstorms and Neon Signs in 1995, Wayne “The Train” Hancock has been the undisputed king of Juke Joint Swing - that alchemist’s dream of honky-tonk, western swing, blues, Texas rockabilly and big band. Always an anomaly among his country music peers, Wayne’s uncompromising interpretation of the music he loves is in fact what defines him: steeped in traditional but never "retro;" bare bones but bone shaking; hardcore but with a swing. Like the comfortable crackle of a Wurlitzer 45 jukebox, Wayne is the embodiment of genuine, house rocking, hillbilly boogie. Wayne makes music fit for any road house anywhere.

Though Dale Watson’s recording career spans two decades, the maverick country traditionalist has never before released an album like this. “There’s nothing here that’s retro,” insists Dale of Carryin’ On. “I was really hoping to make a record with today’s technology, but with the musicians who played on the music I grew up on. I’m pretty happy with the way we’ve merged today with yesterday on this album. It will remind people of the old records, but it sounds like something new.”

$20 Advance / $23 Day of | All Ages


Black Iris Presents: WhiskeyDick w/ Gallows Bound 

The Band WHISKEYDICK consists of Two Tattooed MetalNecks( Fritz and Reverend Johnson ) . They met while both playing in two different Metal bands and would always have an after party after our shows. So they started playing acoustic guitars and jammin' on old country songs which then led to them writing their own songs. They have been a two piece acoustic band since their first show in 2005. After their first couple of shows they decided that they needed a band name. Nursing a hangover on their way to a show Fritz blurted out from the back seat ..." I Got It !!!! " ....WHISKEYDICK !!! Reverend hated it at first but after a minute he came to like it. With: Gallows Bound

$10 Advance $12 Day of | All Ages


Little Tybee

One might think from their humble beginnings in the backwaters and basements of coastal Georgia to their headlining shows at some of Atlanta’s most well known independent venues that the members of Little Tybee were the harbingers of some secret formula for artistic success. In reality, they are simply a group of friends who couldn’t stop making music together if they tried.

The core of each of their songs begins in the relentless and creative mind of vocalist/guitarist/pianist Brock Scott. The songs mature through the dedicated musicianship of 8-string guitarist Josh Martin, violinist Nirvana Kelly, bassist Ryan Donald, and percussionist Pat Brooks. Since the release of their first LP last year, they have discovered that change is not only inevitable, but indeed good.

$8 Advance / $10 Day of | All Ages