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Emily's Army / Desert Sharks / Face The Face

Emerging from an eclectic combination of their beachy outlook,  diverse adoration of music, and their east bay ethos, Emily's Army's music is influenced by almost everyone. The group began in the early   2000’s when young brothers Max and Cole Becker started a band   with their everlasting best friend Joey Armstrong to play the kind of   music they heard in the movie School of Rock, around their houses,   and in the area that they were growing up in. Since then the boys   have been playing donut shops, bowling alleys, and fetid dive clubs   across the world playing their music for anyone who will listen.  Emily’s Army songs are about subjects ranging from love, hate,   and growing up to Disney Channel Original Movies and feminism.  WSG: Desert Sharks | Face The Face

$10 Advance / $12 Day of | All Ages


The Blasters / Gas House Gorillas / The Speakeasies

The Blasters | Gas House Gorillas | The Speakeasies

$15 Cover | All Ages


The New Pornographers featuring A.C. Newman and Dan Bejar (Destroyer) / Perfect Pussy / Pity Sex

For what purpose the popular song? Does the popular song have a purpose? Is it just a sequence of auditory gestures, desperate acts, adrift in the bigger broader silence of an unforgiving cultural landscape? In what follows, we will assume that the purpose of the popular song is to unite warring disputants and to repair the manifold puncture wounds of life, so that life is revealed, again, as less accursed than it appears. And let's assume that we go on listening to the popular song, which in the vast majority of its iterations is a failure, because we are chronic in our need for this rehabilitation of our puncture-wounded selves. Take any fine example, take "All You Need Is Love," by the Beatles, or "Walk Away, Renee," by the Left Banke, or "Tears of a Clown," by Smokey Robinson. Try listening to these songs. Almost immediately, your suppurations begin to clot. WSG: Perfect Pussy & Pity Sex

$28 Cover | All Ages


Legendary Shack Shakers / Whiskey Shivers / Babe Miller

Picture it: the rustic grind of rural America. The cacophonous crunch and wheeze of motor-driven rock songs accompany the sound of corroded farm implements awakened to service once again. The soundtrack of a time when strip malls will choke with ivy and the vestiges of overdevelopment will be razed and plowed up for acreage. The Legendary Shack Shakers confront an America that is in decay on their seventh full-length album, AGRIDUSTRIAL. WSG: Whiskey Shivers | Babe Miller

$13 Advance / $15 Day of | All Ages


Lucero / Due North

Look to your left. A young couple is passionately making out. To your right, two grizzled bearded gentlemen are getting drunk and rowdy, and singing loud as hell. And don’t forget to look up, because an old punk rocker has just launched himself from the stage. Welcome, you are at a Lucero show.

Over their 16 years together, the Memphis band has built up a fanbase that’s as diverse as it is rabid. Ask 50 Lucero fans what their favorite song is and you’ll get 50 different answers. Among the band’s 100-plus songs across nine albums and multiple EPs, there’s no universal fan favorite. “Each person makes Lucero their own thing,” says frontman Ben Nichols. “Everyone identifies with us for completely different reasons. For one reason or another, Lucero becomes a very personal band.” But the one thing that seems to unify Lucero fans of all kinds is the band’s all-or-nothing live show, and Live from Atlanta, the band’s latest live record, thoroughly captures that. WSG: Due North

$17 Advance / $20 Day of | All Ages | 7pm


Sole / DJ Pain 1

In 1998 he founded Anticon Records, the first collectively owned indie Hip-Hop   label in the United States. Since then, Sole has played over a thousand shows   throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Japan. In 2009, Sole pulled his masters from anticon and has re-invented himself as a new kind   of artist, business, and political entity. His music has been recently featured in major media outlets such as Rolling Stone, 2DopeBoyz, Pitchfork, MTV, Impose, Huffington Post, Spin, Alarm Press, All Hip-hop, Alternet and many more. Sole has released ten full-length studio albums and over a dozen mixtapes. In 2009, together with award winning visual artist, Ravi Zupa, he published The Pyre, an illustrated epic poem exploring empire, radical philosophy, anti-capitalism,  and collapse. Throughout his career Sole has been known as one to push   the limits in terms of genre and content and is widely heralded as a pioneer of   avant garde & experimental rap music. In 2013, Sole launched "The Solecast",   a podcast featuring long form interviews with academics, artists and activists.  Sole’s activism reaches beyond the studio and stage into his everyday life where he is deeply involved material and logistical support to many projects that engage directly in the class struggle. 

Known for his 2008 break-out beat on "Don't do it," for Young Jeezy's platinum-selling album "The Recession," producer DJ Pain 1 stays busy.  From touring as a DJ to producing full albums as well as creating original and free content for the producer community, this Hip-Hop musician takes no breaks.

A Wisconsin-native and lifelong Hip-Hop fan, DJ Pain 1 began exploring production in the late 90's.  From 2002 until 2007, while still making music, he immersed himself in education and youth services.  Just one year after earning his BA in English Education, Pain 1 landed his first major beat placement with Young Jeezy.  

Pain 1 continued his education, pursuing a Masters of English while holding down multiple jobs, performing and amassing a catalog of recorded material.  In that time, he produced records from artists including 50 Cent, Shyne, Gucci Mane, MC Lyte, Public Enemy, Vado and an additional track for Young Jeezy entitled "CTE or nothing."

Frustrations with the lack of exposure he was receiving for his production efforts led Pain 1 to begin releasing his own projects.  He started with a 2010 album "The Waiting Game," which predominantly featured regular collaborators such as I-20, Rain, Money B, Tek and J-Stills.  He then decided to interface his DJ'ing with his production and premiered his ongoing mixtape series, "Painkillerz," free digital downloads produced exclusively by him.  His mixtapes included hosts MC Lyte, Black Rob, Big Sean and LEP Bogus Boys and were followed by his popular series of instrumental albums, "Undressed Instrumentals."

$10 Cover | All Ages


The Velvet Teen / Restorations / Javelins / Chronic Tan

The Velvet Teen | Restorations | Javelins | Chronic Tan

$10 Cover | All Ages


Joyce Manor / The Exquisites / Loose Planes

Joyce Manor was conceived in the back of a car in the Disneyland parking lot—the kind of beginning California dreams are really made of. It was the fall of 2008 over a bottle of cheap booze when co-founders Barry Johnson (guitar, vocals) and Chase Knobbe (guitar) decided to team up. They formed a power violence band where everyone would have Johnny Thunders-style glam-names … like “Joyce Manor” named after an apartment complex Barry walked past every day. But when longtime friend Andrew Jackson Jihad suddenly asked Barry if his old band wanted to open for their LA show, he scrambled to say yes. WSG: The Exquisites

$12 Advance / $14 Day of | All Ages


PUP / Ponyshow / Braided Veins

As of lately, Toronto has been the breeding grounds for some of the best punk rock bands around. The scene is both a blessing and a curse. There seem to be 1,000+ loud rock bands in this city vying for attention, but when you are able to cut through the static, everyone seems to take notice. This is the case for Toronto four-piece, PUP. What sets PUP apart in this booming scene is their ability to fuse raw punk energy with catchy earworms, big hooks, and scream-along choruses. Their songs are loud and fast, equal parts unchecked energy and calculated arrangements, with hair-pin turns, raging guitar riffs, and an overload of gang vocals. WSG: Ponyshow & Braided Veins

$8 Advance / $10 Day of | All Ages


Chet Faker / starRo

In 2011, Nicholas Murphy recorded a cover of No Diggity late one night just for his friends. Shared by a handful of people, the song spread like wildfire until reaching #1 on the indie blog charts Hype Machine, and so the Chet Faker identity was born – an ode to Chet Baker’s singing style but incorporating the influence of a youth spent producing house and disco. WSG: starRo


$15 Advance / $18 Day of | 18+




Bob Mould with Jason Narducy & Jon Wurster / Cymbals Eat Guitars

Well into his fourth decade as a singer-songwriter, Bob Mould is as relevant, ferocious, and poignant as he has ever been on the compact epic that is Beauty & Ruin. Instead of sitting idle and going quiet, Bob chooses to confront head-on and plow through the psychic turbulence that comes with this stage of life. Much of Beauty & Ruin deals with the passing of Mould’s father in October 2012, Bob’s struggle to come to terms with it, himself, and his own identity and legacy, and repercussions of all of the above on his ongoing relationships in the land of the living. Beauty & Ruin is a twelve-track journey of loss, reflection, conciliation, and coming through the other side. Beauty & Ruin is a challenging work of raw beauty—and may well be Bob Mould’s finest work since his 1989 solo debut, Workbook. WSG: Cymbals Eat Guitars

$20 Cover | All Ages | 7pm


Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse’s art springs from a simple idea: everybody wants to be somebody else. One of his heroes, Van Morrison, got his start covering Bobby Bland, whose own musical idol was Nat “King” Cole. In Waterhouse’s view, emulation is a journey; you never truly succeed, but as the singer, guitarist and songwriter puts it, “You become something on the way there.”

$17 Advance / $20 Day of | All Ages


Shonen Knife / Habibi / YUM

Shonen Knife, Osaka Japan’s legendary queens of indie sunshine, are back with a brand new  album for 2014.   Their newest release, “Overdrive”, is a tip of the hat to 70’s Hard Rock, and a continuation of  Shonen Knife’s journey into the musings of food, fantasy and daily life in the Far Eastern metropo- lis of Osaka we’ve come to know and love.  WSG: Habibi & YUM

$12 Advance / $14 Day of | All Ages


Howling Diablos featuring Royal Blackbirds / Awesome Jarvis & the Whale / Nikki Corvette / Hosted by Linda Lexi

The Howling Diablos rockin, funky, blues jam style is well known in Detroit, and everywhere they have toured, as a great live music experience. Since their formation in the 90’s they have toured with and opened for acts including George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic, Alice Cooper, Albert Collins, Ben Harper, Hank Williams Jr, NRBQ, Incubus and The James Gang as well as headlining their own shows.


$5 Cover | All Ages


Detroit Bacon Take Down - Sample Unlimited Bacon Dishes!

Home of techno (yow!), Coney Island Dogs (oo!), The Gories (mama!)… and now The Detroit Bacon Takedown!!!!  At Magic Stick - May 18 2-4PM!!!  Every possible bacon invention, concoction, and innovation REVEALED!!!  I’m calling all Detroit home cooks to compete- and I’ll give you each  a FREE 15lbs of Hormel Black Label Bacon to make any bacon dish (im)possible!!!! How does Detroit’s underground cooking scene do???!!  Email me at chilitakedown@gmail.com if you’ve got a super smart recipe- sign up and compete for cookware prizes (Wusthof, Anolon, Microplane and more!!!!) and fame!!!!


$15 Cover | All Ages Welcome | Doors 1pm


Justin Townes Earle (w/ Full Band) / American Aquarium 

After two and a half years, Justin Townes Earle will release his sixth studio album (and first ever on Vagrant Records). Entitled Single Mothers, the record will be released nationwide on September 9th, 2014 and Justin will be on the road in the US throughout September and early October. Single Mothers is comprised of ten tracks that showcase exactly why Justin Townes Earle is considered a forefather of Contemporary Americana.

$20 Advance / $22 Day of | All Ages


Twin Shadow - Post-poned until Spring 2015

“A lot of Confess is about sacrificing part of your life to something you love to do,” says George Lewis Jr., the nom de plume of Brooklyn indie pop sensation Twin Shadow. “Love and commitment may not be part of my life at this point. So a lot of this record is about my relationships with people, and dealing with the sacrifices I’ve made.” - Twin Shadow

All Ages



Freeman (feat. Aaron Freeman of Ween) / Arc Iris

Listening to Marvelous Clouds, Aaron Freeman’s 2012 debut under his own name, fans might have felt that he was ignoring an elephant in his room—a drug-and-alcohol-related onstage flame-out that made viral headlines the year before. But Clouds, a deceptively chill Rod McKuen covers record, was just a warm-up for the artist once known as Gene Ween. In the opening minutes of FREEMAN, the self-titled debut from his new band, Freeman addresses addiction and its aftermath with the combination of merciless self-inventory and artful songcraft that earned Ween one of the most devoted fan bases in contemporary pop. WSG: Arc Iris

$15 Cover | All Ages


the Black Lips / The King Khan BBQ Show / Duane: The Brand New Dog

Atlanta's beloved sons the Black Lips entered last year through a screaming  cloud of sweat, smoke, blood, and beer mist, in front of a dangerously packed   hall in New Orleans' French Quarter. If a band's bipolarity runs on a touring vs.   recording-an-album spectrum, then the previous year was the mother of all manic   spells.   After a spring and summer running the usual festival circuit in North America and   Europe, the Lips embarked on a two-month fall tour of the Middle East. They were tailed by Georgia rock-doc royalty Bill Cody, of Athens, GA - Inside/  Out fame, who filmed the band playing for kids in Tunis and Cairo who had just  overthrown their government, kids in Iraq who barely have a government, and kids in Dubai whose government is richer than God (and might control a genie).  WSG: The King Khan BBQ Show | Duane: The Brand New Dog

$20 Cover | All Ages


Echoes of Pink Floyd, A Benefit for Musician Friends of Porter Echoes of Pink Floyd: A Benefit for Musician Friends of Porter

Echoes of Pink Floyd performs the classic uplifting, emotionally resonating music of Pink Floyd in stunning detail set to a colorful, shifting, brilliant lasershow, the largest of any performing band today.

$20 Advance / $25 Day of | All Ages | 7pm