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Bane performs at The Magic Stick WSG: Backtrack | Malfunction | Freedom

~Presented by Black Iris Booking~


$13 Adv. / $15 Day of | All Ages


The Kickstand Band / El Dee / Minihorse

A sunny power-pop-punk duo, The Kickstand Band has been performing and recording in their hometown of Detroit since 2011. Their debut album, Puppy Love, is an introduction to their blend of garage-tinged grit with melodic guitars and sticky pop hooks. The band then released their Summer EP, featuring an expanded sonic range to compliment their brand of boy/girl harmonies and focused songwriting. As 2014 kicked off, the group got to work building a DIY studio-space and began recording their second full-length album. In the meantime, they have continued to deliver exciting live performances, featuring a dynamic homemade light show and drums sampled from their favorite old records at clubs and festivals including Cincinnati's MidPoint Music Fest and Toronto's North By North East. WSG: El Dee | Minihorse

$6 Cover | All Ages


Twin Shadow / Lolawolf

It's high noon in Brooklyn but its always midnight on southern, dead end suburban streets. Here, there is total silence except for the house at the very end, where inside a tin roof garage, teenagers are kissing for the first time. The humidity is too great, the boys peel off white t’s and the girls cheeks are flushed, beet red under the garage’s two fluorescent stripes. In a pond behind the house an alligator waits for a snow birds’ Pomeranian to take its night stroll. A child is sleep walking for the first time. Some one is running away for the last time. The music is too loud on the 12 D battery boom box radio, the cops are on their way. It’s at this moment you hear the music of Twin Shadow on a radio station transmitting suburban ghost dreams that sound like a slow motion shot of a cannon, singing about spirits, visions, and aural hallucinations cutting through the first American night.  WSG: Lolawolf

 $20 Cover | All Ages



A band whose music has matured from pop-punk to emo to indie rock, Tigers Jaw have earned a growing following for their melodic but insistent music and emotionally powerful lyrics. Tigers Jaw were formed in 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania by guitarist and vocalist Adam McIlwee and guitarist and vocalist Ben Walsh. The two began working up material and recruited bassist Dennis Mishko and drummer Mike May; a keyboard player dropped out before the group's first show, and through mutual friends, Brianna Collins was invited to join the lineup. Several months later, Mike May left the band, and Pat Brier took over on drums, solidifying the band's membership. In 2006, Tigers Jaw recorded their first album, Belongs to the Dead, on a portable recording rig in an attic where the band rehearsed; the album was released by Summersteps Records, and in 2008, the band went into the studio with producer and engineer Joe Loftus to cut their second full-length, simply titled Tigers Jaw, for Photobooth Records. Tigers Jaw's popularity began to spread, despite the group's touring opportunities being limited by the members' academic commitments, and in 2010, they signed with Run for Cover Records, who brought out their third album, Two Worlds. (Run for Cover would also reissue the band's first two albums.) A split EP with the group Balance & Composure was also released the same year, and Tigers Jaw would release split singles with like-minded bands the Sidekicks, Tiny Empires, and Code Orange over the next few years. In 2013, Tigers Jaw released a new single, "Hum" b/w "Cool," but the group soon made the announcement that Adam McIlwee, Dennis Mishko, and Pat Brier were leaving the lineup, and the band was going on hiatus. While many believed Tigers Jaw was breaking up, Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins made it clear they were keeping the group together, and they set out on a tour with the help of guest musicians Derrick Sherman (guitar), Andrew Fisher (bass), and James Fisher (drums). WSG: Lemuria & Somos

$13 Adv./ $15 Day of | All Ages


Lionheart with Nasty / These Streets / Poison Tongues / Ante Up / Smash Your Enemies / Like Statues

Cthulhu Presents: Lionheart | Nasty | These Streets | Poison Tongues | Ante Up | Smash Your Enemies |  Like Statues

$15 Cover | All Ages | 7pm


SICK / Sieraslave / Eclipse

The members of SÏCK have dedicated their lives to creating an everlasting musical style. Through their strong stadium rock influences, SÏCK has made a conscious effort to guarantee the longevity of their tracks. Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, and The Grateful Dead are all multifaceted groups who were able to put a permanent footprint in musical history. With the help of their fans, SÏCK has the opportunity to take a similar path to success. WSG: Sieraslave | Eclipse

$6 Cover | All Ages | 7pm


The Mountain Goats Pre Show & After Party featuring The Wans (7pm) / Jesses Malin (11:00pm)

Pre-Party Featruing: The Wans - 7pm

After Party Featuring: Jesse Malin - 11pm

$8 Cover / Free with TMG tix stub | All Ages



The Mountain Goats / The Ides of Gemini

Let's start with this. The Mountain Goats are releasing a new album. The name of this album is Beat the Champ. It is, as any fan of the band will expect, a heartbreaking and heartreviving album about imperfect people described perfectly, with melodies that will stay with you for days. There are also things about it that even longtime fans will not expect. That's all true.

The Mountain Goats, if you are not a longtime fan, is an itinerant, pseudomystical motorcycle cult that raises money through a regional chain of discount furniture outlets and the occasional musical release in order to fund their mysterious rituals and sacrifices enacted upon the highways and backroads of America.

That's true as well.

WSG: The Ides of Gemini

$20 Cover | All Ages


Hank Green with Driftless Pony Club / Harry and the Potters / Rob Scallon / Andrew Huang

Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers will play ska, punk, metal, pop, folk, and maybe some polka...it won't be stylistically cohesive but it will be a very good time. Between them, the band has over 800,000,000 YouTube views, which is why it can be a little hard to get tickets to their shows. Hank has been making educational and entertaining videos with his brother (best-selling author John Green) for more than seven years and has played everywhere from middle school auditoriums to cruise ships to Carnegie Hall.
WSG: Driftless Pony Club / Harry and the Potters / Rob Scallon / Andrew Huang


Early Show | $20 Advance / $25 Day of | Doors 5pm | All Ages


Driftless Pony Club / Harry and the Potters / Rob Scallon / Andrew Huang


The Erers / Valentiger / Prude Boys

The ERERs, pronounced with a silent 'er' (erz), are a rock trio hailing from Detroit, Michigan.  The band does not derive from lingustic filler, nor from a town in central Ethiopia, but from its frontman, Matt Riesterer.  WSG: Valentiger | Prude Boys

$6 Cover | All Ages



Since the beginning of garage rock, the northwest sound, grunge, or whatever anyone calls it, the Sonics set the precedence and the pace, and the sound that gave to every musician and band that followed the inalienable right to take rock to the edge of the universe, to explore the possibilities, to get out of the rut, experiment, and to scream your guts out, that you have arrived, and to continue that thought.

The Sonics have remained the most recognized sounds ever listened to by aspiring musicians and multitudes of fans around the world. WSG: Barrence Whitfield & the SavagesThe Henchmen

$25 Adv./ $30 Day of | All Ages


Majestic Cafe (After The Sonics' set)

 - Pretty Ghouls

 - The Oscillating Fan Club


Dance Gavin Dance / Polyphia / Hail The Sun / Stolas

Dance Gavin Dance is a six-member post-hardcore/experimental band from Sacramento, California. They were formed out of the dissolution of several other bands including Farewell Unknown, Ghost Runner on Third and Atherton. Jonny Craig and Sean O'Sullivan joined in 2005 and early 2006 to complete the line-up.They self-released their first EP, "Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean," during the summer of 2006. Shortly afterwards, they were approached and then signed by Rise Records and the EP was re-released with the Rise and Victory labels on November 14th, 2006. Their full length CD, titled "Downtown Battle Mountain," came out on May 15th. WSG: Polyphia | Hail The Sun | Stolas

$15 Cover | All Ages | 6:30pm


The Blow / Anna Oxygen

The Blow is a pop music duo comprised of Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich. They are bringing their "Unplugged" performance to a handful of cities within the Eastern Time Zone of North America. In the "Unplugged" show Dyne and Maricich play live instruments, together, on stage, rendering songs from the extended Blow catalog. The instruments played by the two in this new set up in fact employ a fair number of plugs, as well as a good amount of electricity. A lot of plugging and unplugging happens. The duo performs live with the same rig which they use to produce and record, an interwoven assemblage of analog electronics and modular synthesizers. There will be, however, no plugging in of laptops, video projectors, smoke machines, animatronic singing dolls, or acid effect liquid light shows. There will be two women standing across from each other creating waves of frequency and sensation that pulse back and forth between them. Viewers are welcome to plug themselves into this circuit and feel it. WSG: Anna Oxygen

$10 Advance / $12 Day of | All Ages



Little Animal is an electronic duo from Detroit, MI consisting of Singer/ Creature Whisperer Rachelle Baker and Producer/ Sound Wizard Nick Morrow. Together, they make sexy music for ghosts and, occasionally, humans to dance to. WSG: The Bobby Electric & Rossonian


 All Ages | $5


Toro Y Moi / Vinyl Williams

Chaz Bundick, aka Toro Y Moi, will release his new album What For? on April 7 via Carpark Records. It follows 2013's Anything in Return and last year's Michael, Bundick's album as Les Sins. Check out the track list below, and listen to a new track, "Empty Nesters", above.  What For? was recorded in Bundick's Berkeley home and features contributions from Julian Lynch and Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Ruban Nielson.   In a press release, Bundick said, "I've done electronic R&B and more traditional recorded type R&B stuff. I just wanted to see what else was out there. It's all coming from the same mindset and point of creativity. It's just me trying to take what I already have, and then take it further." WSG: Vinyl Williams

$20 Advance / $22 Day of | All Ages



Man Mountain / Dalinian / Wolves & Machines / Secret Grief

 Man Mountain | Dalinian | Wolves & Machines | Secret Grief

$8 Cover | All Ages


Blood Sweat & Bass Tour featuring Diesel Boy / Downlink / Rekoil / KJ Sawka

Blood Sweat & Bass Tour featuring Dieselboy / Downlink / Rekoil / KJ Sawka

Limited Pre-Sale tickets $15 / $20 Advance / $25 Day of | 9pm



Great Lake Swimmers / Woven Tangles

A Forest Of Arms is the sixth album from Tony Dekker’s Great Lake Swimmers and the follow up to 2012’s New Wild Everywhere. With a surging rhythm section, razor sharp violin, and flourishing banjo and guitars, Dekker and band mates have pushed their sound significantly, creating some of their most dynamic songs ever recorded.

Those familiar with the decade-long output of Great Lake Swimmers will recognize the thematic threads of beauty in the natural world, environmental issues and explorations of close personal ties that hold us together. The familiar versus the strange theme is also running through this record, both in the instrumentation and in the songwriting (“Zero In The City”, “I Was A Wayward Pastel Bay”). WSG: Woven Tangles

$15 Cover | All Ages


SYG Records & Friends

Save Your Generation Records presents: SYG Records & Friends featuring The Most Dangerous Animal, Monarchs, Luke Schwartz, Lawnmower & Mountain Club!




All Ages | $8



Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lo-Fang – aka Matthew Hemerlein – conceived and wrote his debut album Blue Film while traveling around the world and across the United States over the last three years. His passion for making music led him to pick up and play with musicians in Cambodia, Bali, London, Nashville, Tokyo, and other points along the way. Songs were written in transit, in hotel rooms, and anywhere the moment inspired him. Billboard’s Jason Lipshutz writes, “Blue Film funnels Hemerlein’s various vagabond experiences in 12 tracks of ornate, rhythmic electronica worth disappearing in.”

$15 Cover | All Ages