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Mac Sabbath / Sros Lords / Bronze Mambas

It was the Year of Our Lord 2013, and I was devouring a cheeseburger in a Chatsworth, California, franchise of a certain multinational fast food conglomerate which shall remain nameless. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a crazed looking clown walking in my direction. Wearing a costume of bright yellow and red, and giant shiny shoes, he seemingly fit into the surroundings, but it didn’t take long to see that something wasn’t quite right. His costume was trailed by long, tattered, hippie fringe that was dirty from scraping the floor (and most likely the alley behind the restaurant), and more alarmingly his face was caked in ghostly make up that looked like it had been smeared on with a putty knife. My first thought was that he looked like Skeletor as a member of Uriah Heap. Taking a seat in my booth, he informed me that his name was Ronald Osborne, and he that he was familiar with my oddity rock band Rosemary’s Billygoat. He was a fan of the band, and said he had a concept I might appreciate, something he termed “drive-thru metal.” WSG: Sros Lords | Bronze Mambas

$10 Advance / $15 Day of | All Ages


JD McPherson / DJ Del Villarreal 

You could mistake JD McPherson for a revivalist, given how few other contemporary artists are likely to assert, as he boldly does, that “’Keep a Knockin’ by Little Richard is the best record ever made. It’s so insanely visceral, you feel like it’s going to explode your speakers. If I’m listening to that in the car, I find myself having to brake suddenly. I can listen to that and it makes me feel like I’m 20 feet tall. And the feeling of joy I get from that record is always going to be the real push behind trying to make music.”

But in a very real sense, McPherson is much more a pioneer than roots resuscitator. He’s knocking at the door of something that arguably hasn’t yet been accomplished—a spirited, almost spiritual hybrid that brings the forgotten lessons from the earliest days of rock & roll into a future that has room for the modernities of studio technique and 21st century singer/songwriter idiosyncrasies that Richard Penniman would not recognize. Let the Good Times Roll, his second album, is a stranger, and more personal affair than its Fats Domino-redolent title might at first suggest, but the name isn’t exactly ironic, either. If you, too, brake for pleasure, you’ll screech to a halt at the enrapturing sound of these Good Times. WSG: DJ Del Villarreal

$18 Advance / $20 Day of | All Ages



Agnostic Front / Freedom / Poison Tongues

Agnostic Front: These rarely confronted and always respected leaders of hardcore were established as one of the meanest-sounding bands in the emerging punk genre, helping to initiate the term "hardcore," and placing an entire uproar on the New York map by association. WSG: Freedom | Poison Tongues

$13 Advance / $15 Day of | All Ages


Jessica Lea Mayfield / PONYSHOW

Released April 15, 2014 on ATO Records, Jessica Lea Mayfield’s new album was co-produced by Mayfield and her collaborator, bassist and husband Jesse Newport and was recorded at Nashville’s Club Roar studio. Of the new music Mayfield comments, “The whole record is just me and Jesse and my drummer Matt Martin. I think a lot of my favorite bands are guitar, bass and drums. I wanted to simplify things. Bands are so big these days, I wanted to get in the studio and make a rock record and hear real guitar tones and something heavy.” Make My Head Sing… follows Mayfield’s 2011 release, Tell Me, which was produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and was described by Rolling Stone, which named her an Artist to Watch, as “a disarming collision of stark country balladry, dynamic alternative rock and arty electronic pop.” WSG: PONYSHOW

$12 Advance / $14 Day of | All Ages


Mom Barley CD Release Party wsg: White Shag, Bronze Mambas, John Bardy & The Keys To Your Heart

Mom Barley | White Shag | Bronze Mambas | John Bardy & The Keys To Your Heart

$7 Cover | All Ages


of Montreal / Surface To Air Missive

“A golden despondency” is how Kevin Barnes translates the meaning behind Aureate Gloom, the title he gave of Montreal’s thirteenth full-length album.

The oxymoron is one Barnes says best describes the overall state of his life and mental outlook while working on the record: first on a writing retreat in New York City, then while demoing tracks in Athens, before finally recording at Sonic Ranch, just across the border from Juarez, Mexico in the Texan desert.  If you’re wondering what exactly would lead Barnes to use this epithet to describe his reality at the time, look no further than the songs themselves.  WSG: Surface To Air Missive


$15 Advance / $18 Day of | All Ages


The Cribs

Yorkshire, England’s the Cribs feature three brothers: vocalists/guitarist Ryan Jarman, bassist/vocalist Gary, and drummer Ross. The trio began playing together at an early age, making their debut at a family party in the late ’80s when twins Gary and Ryan were nine years old and Ross was just five. The brothers grew up with similar musical tastes, blending quintessentially British influences like the Beatles, Sex Pistols, and Smiths with American indie rock like Beat Happening and Bobby Conn. Eventually, the Cribs got to play with both Beat Happening’s Calvin Johnson and Conn; Conn liked the band so much that he invited them to record with him in his Chicago studio.

$10 Advance / $12 Day of | All Ages


Mayaeni / Cold English / ONEFREQ / Doc Illingsworth

Mayaeni / Cold English / ONEFREQ / Doc Illingsworth

$7 Cover | All Ages


The Tossers Halfway to St. Pattys Day Tour / Gallows Bound / The Ramshackle Army / Timmy Reynolds

It takes a lot of self-loathing to call your band “The Tossers” and to maintain a career spanning over twenty years. Fair play to this Celtic Punk band hailing from Chicago, Illinois.  This band are amongst the scene dominated by bands such as Catch 22, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. Tony Duggins and Aaron Duggins front this band demonstrating quite a great deal of 10,000 worth of practice on their respected instruments, mandolin and tin whistle. Performing live isn’t just a party for this six-piece band, it’s almost a recital that these virtuosic musicians seize an opportunity to showcase what they have learned up until now. Of course, they drink a lot when performing and it inspires the audience to drink, lots. There is beer EVERYWHERE, but it is definitely all part of the atmosphere! With a back catalogue of 15 studio albums they draw their best songs and some from their most recent album, “Emerald City” to roil this crowd up into a frenzy, bringing the house down as they do it.  WSG: Gallows Bound | Ramshackle Army | Timmy Reynolds

$13 Advance / $15 Day of



Nick Diamond (of ISALNDS / The Unicorns) with Small Feet 

Nick Thorburn (aka Nick Diamonds) is a Canadian musician, composer and producer best known for starting and co-fronting the cult indie rock band The Unicorns when he was still a teenager. The band's first full length album 'Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?' was named one of the Top 10 Albums by Pitchfork in 2003, receiving critical praise from around the world. After only one year of touring, the band imploded on stage in Texas in 2004, due to internal friction. Thorburn immediately went on to form the band Islands, signing with Anti- Records and eventually releasing 5 full length studio albums and touring the world, with appearances at festivals as diverse as Coachella, Primavera Sound and La Route Du Rock. Over the years Thorburn has released more records, collaborating with various artists on projects like Mister Heavenly (with Honus Honus of Man Man), El-P, Human Highway, Reefer, and others. WSG: Small Feet

$10 Cover | All Ages


Vinyl Williams / Gazoota

Lionel Williams (aka Vinyl Williams) is a Los Angeles based artist and musician. His collage art & psychepop music fuses vast landscapes, multi-religious symbolism, and the supernatural into a paradoxical whirlpool of "mysticism and sonic matrices". Created and performed solely by songwriter, vocalist, multi instrumentalist and producer Williams, debut album Lemniscate was released in November 2012. On the surface the record is a flood of ideas and imagery, dashing psyched-out space-rock with layers of kraut and shoegaze. WSG: Gazoota

$10 Advance / $12 Day of | All Ages


Chris Bathgate / Woven Tangles / Those Willows / The Whiskey Charmers

Chris Bathgate | Woven Tangles | Those Willows | The Whiskey Charmers

$8 Advance / $10 | All Ages

The Crane Wives, Chris Bathgate
Woven Tangles, Those Willows


Wavves with Twin Peaks / Steep-Leans

Wavves | Twin Peaks | Steep-Leans

$18 Advance / $20 Day of | All Ages


Ott / Plantae / Aligning Minds

Ott / Plantae / Aligning Minds

$15 Advance / $20 Day of | 18+ | Doors 9:30pm


GHOST / Purson

Standing motionless and anonymous beneath the painted faces, hoods and robes which their sect demand, the six nameless ghouls of Ghost deliver litanies of sexually pulsating heavy rock music and romantic lyrics, which glorify and glamorise the disgusting and sacrilegious, with the simple intention to communicate a message of pure evil via the most effective device they can find: Entertainment. This is Black Metal at it’s most original and deceiving; compositions such as “Ritual” and “Death Knell” majestically weave their melodic spell of evil through the senses until the listener finds themselves utterly possessed and open to any diabolical suggestion. WSG: Purson
~Presented by: AEG Live~

$27.60 Advance / $32.60 Day of | All Ages

*Special offer! A digital download of Ghosts’s new album, Meliora (coming August 21), is included with every ticket you order for this show. You will receive an email with instructions on how to receive your album following your purchase.


A Place To Bury Strangers / Grooms / Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

"There are moments where I'm really scared on stage," admits A Place to Bury Strangers bassist Dion Lunadon, "where it's really foggy and I know someone's swinging a guitar around. I don't give a fuck though; if a guitar is about to hit me in the head, oh well. It's going to make for a better show." He should know. After joining the Brooklyn-based trio in 2010, it only took a few shows before Lunadon smashed his bass against his face. The freshly drawn blood trickled like rain off of a tin roof. But since the band often plays in the dark, he couldn't actually see what happened. He had to keep going, and hope for the best. WSG: Grooms | Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

$12 Advance / $14 Day of | All Ages


Mike Krol

Mike Krol got his bike stolen and his heart broken. He bailed on graphic-design-as-career. He kept playing drums and guitars, and he kept writing songs about the stuff he hated and the stuff he loved. Leaving Milwaukee for Los Angeles, he took a few years’ worth of wrong turns. But when he showed up at a studio in Sacramento in March 2014, he had his affairs in order. Plug the vocal mic into a guitar amp. Plug the guitar into an overheating box of vacuum tubes. Put the computer in the closet. Roll the tape.

$8 Advance / $10 Day of | All Ages


Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers wsg: Danny Kroha

Rugged, raspy, and roaring with charisma, Ben Caplan’s voice is to song as smoke is to bourbon: perfectly coupled. He is a songwriter and performer who is bold in both range and ferocity. The music is fuelled by a quality of melodrama and powerful lyricism that sets Caplan apart from his peers. Either solo or backed by his band, The Casual Smokers, Ben Caplan has captured the attention of music fans and media across Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe. WSG: Danny Kroha

$10 Advance / $12 Day of | All Ages


Dopapod / The Nth Power

The Boston born, but ever on-the-go Dopapod has come a long way from their college basement, DIY party roots. While maintaining their humble beginnings, the group has earned praise from taste making critics like Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Jambase, Relix, and The Boston Herald, all the while tending to their ever expanding community of devoted listeners. The past 4 years have seen about 150 shows, which have included numerous festival appearances like Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, Summer Camp, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Peach Fest, & Gathering Of the Vibes. All of this time on stage with each other has given the band the opportunity to explore the wide variety of influences that has impacted them to be the players they are today. While the brush in their hand uses every color, it’s the stroke on the canvas that gives Dopapod a distinct voice in the way of crafty songwriting. WSG: The Nth Power

$15 Cover | 16+


Girlpool / Eskimeaux / Told Slant

Girlpool is a Los Angeles based two piece made up of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. Having met at local DIY venue the Smell, the two quickly grew very close. Their sound is comprised only of a guitar, bass and vocal harmonies. The band uses this bare bones instrumentation to accentuate their vulnerable yet powerful lyrics to create honest pieces, tackling concepts ranging from awareness and respect to the simple feeling of being alone at a show. WSG: Eskimeaux | Told Slant

$10 Advance / $12 Day of | All Ages